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Nurofen Plus and Pain relief medication is a necessity in the lives of many – even if you aren’t suffering from major pain, everyone is likely to get a headache every now and then, and something to soothe the pain goes a long way. There are a variety of medications available on the market today that allows people to address pain in different ways.

The two main medications available for pain relief to consumers are paracetamol, which is present in Panadol and Panadeine, and ibuprofen, which is regularly found as Nurofen and Nurofen Plus. These medications can be used for a wide variety of pain that is experienced by both adults and children, such as migraines, back pain, dental pain, injuries period pain, and many other instances related to discomfort.

Choosing the right pain relief medication for you

When you are choosing pain medication, it is important to know how the work differently. Nurofen and Nurofen Plus tablets contain the active ingredient ibuprofen (and also Codeine phosphate in the case of Nurofen Plus). Ibuprofen is referred to as a “non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug”, or NSAIDS. NSAIDS are effective in relieving pain, inflammation, and fever, which paracetamol (as found in Panadol) is more targeted towards general pain.

When using Nurofen Plus or Panadeine, the added codeine belongs to the opioid family, working in the brain and spinal cord to relieve strong pain – this medication is ideal when managing stronger pain. When giving children pain medication, always make sure to read the packaging carefully so as to not give them more than they need.

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