Which protein is best for muscle growth?

protein is the best for muscle growth

Proper nutrition for muscle growth is a must for body and mass builders. As you workout to achieve your body goals, the dietary requirements also change. This may include an increased protein requirement, which is best aided by taking protein powder supplements widely available in NZ.

Before discussing the benefits that our body gets from protein and protein powder, it is important to note that building muscle is good for your overall health.

Muscular strength training reduces body fat and increases metabolism. It also helps prevent osteoporosis, control blood sugar level, and improve mental health.

Protein Supplementation

Protein helps build muscles, make enzymes, and repair tissues. Thus, the body needs plenty of protein to properly function. Even more so if you want to gain muscles.

However, increasing protein intake can be quite a challenge for some individuals. This is the reason why protein powder shakes are increasingly becoming popular. They serve as a supplemental source of protein for muscle growth.

Who benefits the most from taking protein supplements? Take a look at the list below:

  • people who want to manage or lose weight

  • those who want to gain muscles

  • individuals who want to recover fast from injury/muscle pain

  • athletes under heavy training

  • vegans / vegetarians

  • the elderly

Whey or Soy: Which protein powder to choose

There are different kinds of protein powder in the NZ market and it can be confusing which one to get. The two most common choices are whey and soy. As complete proteins, both contain all nine amino acids that the body needs. 

Whey is a water-soluble protein that we can get from milk. On the other hand, soy comes from soybeans, which is a good option for vegans and for people with lactose intolerance. 

Whey and soy only differ in the concentration of amino acid content. In any case, the essential amount of amino acids can be obtained by drinking any of the two. This means that the effects on the body, in the long run, will be similar. 

In conclusion, you are the ultimate judge! Choosing one over the other all boils down to personal preference - the taste, flavour, and ingredient mix.

Important Notes

  1. There is no substitute for strict workout and exercise in building muscles. It takes time, discipline, and commitment to achieve your desired body.

  2. Never rely on protein powder alone to get your daily nutritional requirements for muscle growth. Protein supplements are not replacements for whole foods. Plan your meals properly and drink protein shakes post-workout.

  3. Protein powders are usually combined with other ingredients. If you want to manage your weight, choose a powder mix with no added sugar or sweeteners.

  4. Always check the label to make sure that the carbohydrate content of the product is low. Also, protein should always be the first ingredient on the list. 

  5. There is no single best protein powder product in the market. It all depends on the individual's preference. Thankfully, you can surely find the protein powder variety that you like from Balmoral Pharmacy in Auckland, NZ. You can also get ready-to-drink protein shakes in many stores for convenience. 

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