Elastoplast Water Resistant Plastic Plaster

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Elastoplast Water Resistant plastic plasters are suitable to cover and protect all types of minor wounds.

The material is breathable and water-resistant. The non-stick wound pad protects and cushions the wound. The strong adhesion ensures that the plaster stays in place. 

  • Repels water, dirt & bacteria
  • Strong adhesion
  • Breathable material
  • Multipurpose & water resistant


Available in:

- 40 Plasters (one size): 19 x 72mm

- 40 Plasters (assorted): 

  • 20 plasters of 19 x 72mm
  • 10 plasters of 30 x 72mm
  • 2 plasters of 50 x 72mm
  • 8 round plasters of 23mm

- 20 Plasters Extra Wide (one size): 30 x 72mm

- 20 Plasters (one size): 19 x 72mm

NZ$8.99 NZ$6.99
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